Conceptual work_”The Undiscovered Letter” for the exhibition in the gallery Art Director Club, New York.










Concept, design, illlustration and photography_Maja Bagić Barić, Lina Kovačević and Danijel Srdarev
Klijent_Art Director Club New York i Moleskine

Joint works by the designers Maja Bagić Barić and Lina Kovačević and illustrator Danijel Srdarev were included in the exhibition “The Undiscovered Letter”, which was held at the Art Directors Club Gallery in New York in 2008. The authors were invited to speak about the non-existent twenty seventh letter of the English alphabet, which was the central theme of the competition. Following the concept of the exhibition’s title, the jury chose twenty seven authors from all over the world who created their works in typography, illustration, animation and photography. The process of their creative work was noted in the little black Moleskine notebook that was also displayed at the exhibition. In addition a book was published (http://www.adcglobal.org/store/?p=56).
During their process of creating the hidden letter, the authors Maja Bagić Barić, Lina Kovačević and Danijel Srdarev documented the gesticulations of three different characters and mapped them with certain points from which they later created a typographic solution that each time resulted in a unique form stemming from the individual characteristics of each of the three personalities. The initiators of the exhibition are the Art Directors Club NY, Moleskine, and Lettera27 – a non-profit organization that focuses on raising the global levels of literacy and education. The members of the jury included Steven Guarnaccia – head of the illustration department at Parsons School of Design in New York, Mateo Bologna – director of Type Directors Club and Simon Njami – one of the curators of the Venice Biennale in 2007.